List Brokers can help you generate profitable sales leads and increase your response rates.

We provide email lists that target the best possible prospects for your products or services.

Best possible propects

Why Email Marketing?

Developing a list of sales leads is the most important part of any marketing campaign. And email marketing – above all other strategies – is far and away the preferred method for reaching large, targeted markets quickly. Hereís why…

  • Itís Fast: About 90% of the time, email marketing generates results in less than 48 hours.
  • The Returns Are Large: A study in 2013 showed that an average of $40.56 was returned for every dollar spent.
  • Itís Highly Targeted: You can think of targeting as the difference between throwing your fishing line into a large lake and hoping to snag a fish… or dropping your line into a barrel thatís full of fish. For optimal results, proper targeting is ESSENTIAL.
  • It Lets You Follow up: Being able to follow up with additional sales messages will increase your sales conversions. The thing is, thereís so much ìnoiseî in cyberspace that it can be difficult to close the deal and make a sale with a single contact. Email marketing solves that problem.

why email marketing

Start working with us today. Weíll help you find the right list and put you on the fast track to success… so you can start seeing REAL results.

What Is ìList Qualityî?

A quality list has 3 important characteristics:

  1. How Itís Built: All lists are NOT created equal. Responsiveness will vary widely depending on the source and how the list was made.Our goal is to source very clean lists. This takes a lot of work, but it lets us present you with options. Most brokers have no idea how their lists were made. But we do. Thatís why we say our lists ìhave stories behind them.îThe sad truth is, many people who purchase lists get burned. But weíre different. Weíre upfront with you.The bottom line is that thereís no need to settle for low quality lists. Instead, you can work one-on-one with a List Broker expert via Skype.
  2. Precisely Matched To Your Market: For optimal results, you need to match the right message with the right market. Thatís one of the ìsecretsî to success with email marketing.
  3. Deliverability: If your marketing message doesnít reach your prospects, a lead is instantly lost. But List Brokers, Inc. offers GUARANTEED DELIVERABILITY. We will replace undeliverable email addresses with fresh leads.


Why A Quality List Matters…

A successful marketing campaign requires:

  1. A clean, highly targeted list.
  2. A well-crafted, persuasive sales message.
  3. A powerful email-broadcasting platform.

The simple ìsecretî is that, for optimal results, you need quality data. Thatís why weíve made it our mission to provide the most accurate and reliable email lists available for online entrepreneurs, small businesses, and corporations.

We Help You Turn Prospects Into Customers…

Our service is the perfect solution for Internet marketers who want the most targeted prospects available… for high conversions.

A targeted list is what you need… and we can help find an exact match for your target. No matter what market or niche youíre in, weíve got you covered.

turn prospects into customers

A reliable list vendor can be a powerful partner. At List Brokers, Inc. we help you connect your sales message with exactly the right prospect.

Target Your Precise Audience…


We work with everyone from individual entrepreneurs with limited budgets to Fortune 500 companies who want to promote on a national scale.

So – no matter how big or how small your venture is – List Brokers can help you find wholesale, targeted email databases for your next campaign.

precise audience
  1. Buy an Email List:

    When you purchase any list from us, youíll also receive a FREE Email Strategy Consultation.

  2. Select A Plan:

    Youíll have the ability to use our powerful email marketing mailing platform.

  3. Design Your Email Campaign:

    You can supply your own copy or ASK ABOUT HIRING one of our world-class copywriters.

  4. Review Your Campaign:

    Check it against spam filters and also for deliverability.

  5. Broadcast The Email:

    Send your email into cyberspace and monitor the results.

  6. Review Your Results:

    Our tools let you test, track, and analyze your results IN REAL TIME.

  7. Follow Up:

    If necessary, make adjustments and send additional auto responder messages. (This gives you MULTIPLE CHANCES to make the sale).

Discover how using premium quality leadsin combination with our state-of-the-art platform – can make the difference between success and failure.


Hereís why List Brokers, Inc. Is Your Best Choice…

  • No Long-Term Commitments: Pay as you go, month-by-month.
  • All-In-One Email System: You can easily capture opt-in emails and add them your current list.
  • Best Pricing In The Industry: We work hard to get you the best pricing… guaranteed!
  • Best Data Hygiene On The Market: You get accurate, up-to-date sales leads — not duplicates and non-deliverables.
  • Clone Your Best Customers: Weíll help you find MORE customers just like the your best ones.
  • Full Data Analysis: Our testing and evaluation process ensures data cleanliness, depth of coverage, and accuracy.
your best choice

Stop Searching… Weíll Do It For You!

Some list vendors force you to search through huge databases to find what youíre looking for. But we offer personal service… the kind WE would love to receive if we were the customer.

With List Brokers, Inc. youíll get the kind of helpful service you didnít think existed any longer. Weíll work one-on-one with you to find a precise match.

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About List Brokers, Inc.

Once upon a time, we were list buyers. However, over time, we grew increasingly frustrated by the lack of quality data providers.

We knew there had to be a better way.

As a result, we became full-time data sourcers using the hard-won, real-world experience we gained as email marketers.

Our mission is to find the exact type of data you need. When you choose us, youíll be getting the best & cleanest data available. Thatís our promise.


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